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The Dougherty Room

The Dougherty Room is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. James R. Dougherty, Beeville philanthropist, founder and benefactor of the Bee County Public Library. Genevieve Tarlton Dougherty began her career of public service, volunteerism, and civic involvement in 1917 with the creation of the Beeville chapter of the Red Cross. Throughout her life Mrs. Dougherty received the highest honors for her continued cultural, educational, religious, and civic-minded work. Some of the organizations and projects Mrs. Genevieve Dougherty participated in and contributed to were: the Women's Community Council of National Defense, executive committee of the Beeville Red Cross, the Housewives League of Bee County, the Rosetta Club, the Catholic Cemetery Association, the University of Texas Building Campaign Committee, the Merry Wives of Beeville, the Beeville chapter of the National Council of Catholic Women, the Board of Directors for the Dougherty Memorial Library, and the Beeville Pan American Round Table. She was the recipient of the St. Thomas More Award, the Brotherhood Award, an honorary Doctor of Law, Mother of the Year, and formally recognized by Pope Pius XII for her services to the Catholic Church. Mrs. Dougherty is remembered for "the love, kindness, and loyalty she had displayed to her children and friends throughout her life, her courage and patience during times of tragedy, her keen interest in civic, educational, and charitable programs".

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General Use Guidelines for the Dougherty Room:
The Dougherty Multipurpose Room is used as a conference room for special events or organizations/group meetings. The Dougherty Room has WiFi/Internet capabilities, a large display monitor for presentations, DVD/CD players, and tables and seating accommodations for groups. Contact library for details.

Dougherty Room Any organization or group using the room must adhere to the library's posted hours of operation.

Any organization or group using the room will be responsible for any damages to the room or furniture. Nothing should be attached to any wall of the room.

The room will be reserved on a "first come, first served" basis. Contact the library at 361.362.4901 for available reservation dates and times. All reservations are subject to cancellation if the room is required by the library administration.

The Dougherty Room is for library, non-profit, and community events only. No soliciting of any type is permitted in the Dougherty Room.

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