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Community Links

The Library has collected the following links to Bee County agencies and organizations. Please contact us for more assistance reaching these and other local organizations as some local offices do not have web sites. 

Local Government and Community

County of Bee:

City of Beeville
400 N. Washington
Beeville, TX 78102
Fax 361-358-7355

Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Bee County
Bee County Office
210 E Corpus Christi St
Beeville, TX 78102-4812
Phone: 361.362.3281
Fax: 361.362.3283

Beeville Main Street Program
400 N. Washington
Beeville TX 78071

Bee County Chamber of Commerce
1705 N. St. Mary's Street
Beeville, TX  78102
361-358-3267  Fax: (361) 358-3966

State and Federal Resources

Social Security Express
Social Security Administration Online Services.  This allows direct access to: account creation/sign-in; retirement benefits estimates; apply for benefits; and other services supported by the Social Security Administration
Affordable Care Act Resource Link
The Marketplace is a new way to find health coverage that fits your budget and meets your needs. With one application, you can see all your options and enroll.

Culture and Events

MySouTex Web presence for Beeville Bee-Picayune, Refugio County Press, and the Progress of Live Oak and McMullen counties. Includes local headlines, classifieds, and web pages for local businesses.

Beeville Art Museum
The Beeville Art Museum is a teaching museum, dedicated to providing educational programs and activities designed to stimulate the imaginations of young people.  The museum provides enrichment of the cultural life of the community through the concept of art and art education as a positive force in the development of creative skills and thought.  To that end, the museum is committed to providing exhibitions featuring works of renowned artists and collections from museums, galleries and private collections from across the state.
Hours of Operation:   Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm   and   Saturday 10 am - 2 pm

Admission to the Museum is Free

401 East Fannin   ·  Beeville, Texas  78102   ·  361.358.8615


CC test

School Districts

Beeville Independent School District
201 North St Marys Street
Beeville, Texas 78102
Phone 361.358.7111
Fax: 361.358.7837

Pawnee Independent School District
Juction Rd 673
Pawnee, TX 78145

Pettus Independent School District
500 North May Street
Pettus Texas 78146
Phone: 361.375.2296
Fax: 361.375.2295

Skidmore-Tynan Independent School District
201 North 8th Street
Skidmore, TX 78389

Texas Historic Sites Atlas History on your desktop

The Atlas features nearly 300,000 site records, including data on Official Texas Historical Markers and National Register of Historic Places properties in Texas. Also included are courthouses, museums, and sawmills across the state. You can search by Historic Designation, Keyword, County, Address, or Site Name to get instant access to detailed textual descriptions, historic photographs, and interactive maps to help you discover what makes Texas and your areas of interest unique. For Bee County markers select the county from the drop down on the left and search by location.

National Register and Texas Historical Markers in Bee County

1. County Courthouse (1912) (National Register)
105 West Corpus Christi, Beeville.

3. Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church (1884)
108 North Burke, Beeville.

5. Beeville on the Poesta (1860)
Bee County Courthouse lawn.

7. Cook House (1897)
Cook Road, east of Cook and South Tyler, Beeville.

9. Campo Santos burial ground (1871)
Off Refugio Highway 202.

11. Town of Pettus (1850s)
Roadside park, U.S. 181, north of Pettus.

13. Evergreen Cemetery (1862)
Corner of East Bowie and Polk, Beeville.

15. Community of Normanna (1850)
U.S. 181, south of Normanna, north of Medio Creek.

17. Papalote Creek
Roadside park, U.S. 181, s. of Papalote.

19. Early Trails in Bee County (1700s)
Roadside park, U.S.l 181, 3.6 miles n. of Beeville.

21. McClanahan House (1867)
206 East Corpus Christi, Beeville.

23. St. Philip’s Episcopal Church (1893)
311 East Corpus Christi, Beeville.

25. A.C. Jones Home (1906)
611 East Jones, Beeville.

27. Praeger Building (1906) (National Register)
Washington and Corpus Christi, Beeville.

29. Blanconia (Old N2) Church (1891)
Off State Highway 202, southeast of Beeville.

31. First Presbyterian Church (1892)
908 North Washington, Beeville.

33. Tuleta (1906)
Near old Tuleta schoolhouse, U.S. 181.

35. First United Methodist Church (1904)
106 East Cleveland, Beeville.

37. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (1891)
609 East Gramman, Beeville.

39. Railroad in Bee County (1886)
W. Bowie and N. Madison, Beeville.

41. Bee County (1858)
U.S. 181, 2 miles n. of Pettus.

43. Beeville Post Office (1918) (N.R.)
N. St. Mary’s and Bowie, Beeville.

45. St. Joseph Cemetery (1891
1400 East Hefferman, Beeville. 

47. Thomas Collins Gravesite (1884)
Hwy 181, one-mile s. of Pettus.

2. West Side School for Mexican Americans (1932)
309 Jackson, Beeville.

4. Jones Chapel Methodist Church (1889)
115 North Leverman, Beeville.

6. Colony Cemetery (1897)
Colony Community.

8. First Christian Church (1905)
Walton and Commerce, Pettus.

10. Jim Little Homestead (1870)
4.5 miles west of Beeville, on Cadiz Road.

12. First Brick Building on Square (1892)
108 West Corpus Christi, Beeville.

14. Roundtree Rock House (1881)
Clareville community.

16. Camp Ezell House (1892)
1313 West Flournoy, Beeville.

18. George Home (1890)
801 North Adams, Beeville.

20. Captain A.C. Jones
Roadside park, U.S. 181, 3.6 miles n. or Beeville.

22. Medio Creek
East of creek, on north side of U.S. 59.

24. Gentry Dugat Marker (1895-1966)
Mineral City, Mineral.

26. Aransas Creek Settlers (1830s)
U.S. 181, south of Aransas Creek.

28. William E. Madderra Home (1907)
401 North Adams, Beeville.

30. Cadiz Baptist Church (1920)
FM 799, northwest of Beeville.

32. Medio Creek Bridge (1897) (N.R.)
West of Normanna, County Road 241.

34. First National Bank of Beeville (1890)
1400 East Houston, Beeville.

36. First Baptist Church (1871)
600 North St. Mary’s, Beeville.

38. Commercial National Bank (1893)
100 S. Washington, Beeville.

40. Park Hotel (1910)
U.S. 181 in Tuleta.

42. The Rialto (1922) (National Register)
114 N. Washington, Beeville.

44. Lott-Canada School (1931)
902 W. Corpus Christi, Beeville.

46. St. Rose Cemetery (1901)
1402 East Hefferman, Beeville.

48. N.A.S. Chase Field & Bldgs. (1943)
State Hwy 202, e. of Beeville.

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