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Library Policies

Mission Statement

The Joe Barnhart Bee County Library strives to be the learning crossroads of our community and the place to visit for lifelong interest in the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading, and the power of information. Community needs drive our services as we seek to improve the quality of life for all citizens of our community in concert with organizations in and beyond Bee County. We take a personal interest in ensuring that a full range of materials and services are provided in an inviting, convenient, and responsive manner. We especially recognize our responsibility to serve as an instrument for children to explore the world through reading and learn the value of libraries.

Requirements for a Library Card

• A library card is issued without charge to any resident of the State of Texas, person paying property taxes in Texas or any student attending school in Bee County with proper I.D and proof of residence.

• All library cards must be signed before use.

• Library cards issued to children 17 years or under must be obtained by a parent or guardian who will take responsibility for any library obligations.

• As proof of residence, the Library accepts a valid Texas driver's license or Texas ID, utility or telephone bills, voter registration card, county property tax statement, or a personalized check. Library Staff may substitute alternate proof on a case per case basis.

• Library cards will expire on an annual basis. When the card nears expiration, the patron should stop by the Library with ID described above to renew. Staff will verify residence and update the borrower record to reflect any changes. Any balance pending on the card must be paid prior to renewal.

• A replacement card costs $2.00. The patron is responsible for all items checked out on the card until the card is reported lost.

• Library cards must be presented each time books are checked out.

Behavior Policy

The Library Board of the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library voted to approve and endorse the following behavior policy proposed for the consideration by the library director:

• The premises include not only the building but also the parking area and lawn of the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library.

• Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the premises.

• Use of tobacco products is not permitted in any area of the library building.

• No soliciting of staff or patrons on the library premises.

• No behavior is permitted which is offensive to others using the library.

• No loud talking or other noisy distractions.

• No running on library premises.

• No horseplay on library premises.

• No defacing furniture and fixtures of the library.

• Food or drink is only permitted in assigned areas during specific events.

• Profanity is prohibited.

• Cell phone conversations may only occur outside of the library.

• Firearms are prohibited on library premises.

• Weapons are prohibited on library premises.

• Persons violating these polices will be regarding as trespassers.

Anyone violating the behavior policy will be asked to cease doing so and/or to leave. Before the police will summoned to deal with anyone refusing to leave when requested to do so and any time criminal behavior or acts are observed.

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Library Use by Minors Policy

• Minors (17 years of age and younger) must follow the Behavior Policy.

• Minors renewing their library cards must have their responsible party present to validate current phone number and address on their account.

• Children 8 years and under must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or assigned caregiver. The parent/ caregiver must be in the immediate vicinity and in visual contact with the child. The assigned caregiver must be a responsible person and must carry emergency contact information.

• Children from 9-17 years old may be left unattended in the library for only two hours per day. The library may notify the Police regarding any child left beyond the two hours.

• Children under 8 may attend programs longer than 2 hours however the parent/caregiver is expected to remain in the library building and immediately rejoin the child at the end of the program.

• Parent/caregiver are responsible for their children's use of library materials and equipment.

• Children using computers must use their OWN library card for access.

• Children using computers must follow the Computer Use Policy.

• The library may notify the Police regarding any children 8 years old and under left unattended. The responsibility for the safety and behavior of the children in the library rests with the parent/caregiver and not with library staff.

Children, who do not follow the Library policies, will be asked to leave the library and a block may be placed on their library account. If the child refuses to leave, the police may be called.

Borrowing Items

• Items may be renewed in person, by telephone, or by e-mail (

• Fines are assigned to items renewed after the original due date.

• Videos and other audio visual materials must be returned in person at the Circulation Desk.

• No more than 5 books total, including up to 3 items categorized as New Books may be checked out. Books may be subject to limits during peak subject request.

• Items may not be renewed if another patron has placed a hold on the title.

• New Books may not be renewed.

• Reference books, newspapers, and magazines do not circulate.

Item Limit Length Renewal
Books 5 total 3 weeks one
Audiobooks 3 per card 3 weeks one
Multimedia 3 per card 3 weeks one
DVD/CD 3 per card 1 week one
Paperbacks 15 per card 3 weeks one
New books 3 per card 2 weeks none
eBooks 5 per card 3 weeks subject to availability

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Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Policy

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is a valuable resource to the community and serves as an extension of the library's service. Materials of interest that are not included in the collection may be obtained for the patron through Inter-Library Loan request. The library staff identifies the materials and submits the request to several libraries which may then elect to provide the material. These materials are shipped to the library by mail free of charge, however, the library must pay the return postage (book rate). Due to the costs involved, limits of use must be defined.

In this reciprocal agreement, the Joe Barnhart-Bee County Library provides requested materials to other libraries. Materials on hold for local patrons, recent arrivals, materials earmarked for programs, reference, audio-visual, and special collection materials will not be approved for lending to other libraries.

Request forms are located at the Circulation Desk (lower floor) and the Reference Desk (upper floor).

• ILL requests may not be processed from patrons with outstanding fines.

• Patrons may receive up to three (3) free ILL materials per month. Additional ILL materials requested will be charged return mailing costs.

• Library staff will place telephone calls to the contact number provided on the request form. Connection with an individual or answering machine will serve as a legitimate notification.

• A postcard will be mailed if we don't have a response by phone, machine, or person is hearing impaired.

• ILL materials must be picked-up by the due date or materials will be returned.

• If a patron does not pick up their requested and received ILL item they will lose ILL borrowing privileges.

• Late fees corresponding to regularly circulated items will be applied.

• Excessive late fees (exceeding $5.00) and loss of item(s) will result in suspension of ILL privileges.

Overdue Materials Fees

• Books and CDs that are returned after the due date are assessed a charge of 10¢ per item per calendar day that the library is open.

• Films (DVDs) are assessed a charge of 50¢ per item per calendar day that the library is open.

• The maximum fine is one-half the cost of the overdue item.

• Processing fees and overdue charges are non-refundable.

• For a lost or defaced item, the price of the item at time of purchase is charged plus a processing fee of $5.00.

• No substitutions will be accepted in lieu of lost or damaged materials.

• Items returned within six months of being paid may have the cost of the item refunded if the original receipt is presented.

• A patron will lose library privileges if the account balance of any associated account exceeds $5 and/or overdue items have not been returned.

• Patrons will receive two written notifications regarding overdue status, the third notice will be referred to the County Attorney for action.

• Items will be considered "lost" after 90 days of due date, or upon receipt of returned overdue notice; the account balance will then only reflect the purchase price of each item plus $5 processing fee.

• Patrons may declare an item lost at any time, thereby accepting the replacement cost and service charge.

• Parents/guardians are responsible for the overdue fines on associated accounts of the minors under their care.

• The Library will decide whether damaged items will be repaired or replaced.

• Details of overdue items and associated charges may only be discussed with the account holder or individual designated in writing by the account holder.

• The only authority of determining overdue status is the circulation computer.

• Patrons have 30 days to pay overdue fines once they have been notified in person; after 30 days their account will be blocked until the fines are resolved.

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Replacement Fees

Audiobook case (multiple)
Compact disc jewel case
Compact disc jewel case (double)
Rebinding of a book
Digital Id tag
Spine label


If the exact cost to replace an item is not listed in library records, the following default charges apply:

Media Type Default Cost Maximum Overdue
Hardback book
Softback book
Interlibrary Loan

Compact disc
Multimedia Item
What the Library
is charged
$20.00 (per disc)
$20.00 (per disc)
What the Library
is charged
$10.00 (per disc)
$10.00 (per disc)

Multimedia items include books with compact discs or computer disks. If one portion of the multimedia is lost the entire item is lost. Example: if a book is returned without its accompanying compact disc then the entire item is declared lost and the patron is responsible for the replacement cost of the entire item.

Computer Use Policy

The Library Board of the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library approved the following computer use policy:

The Library requires that patrons using public AND personal computers do so within the guidelines of acceptable use. Exposing Library staff or patrons to images which may be deemed objectionable or obscene will result in the revocation of Library privileges. Library staff are authorized to terminate any patron's session or revoke a patron's computer privileges if a patron fails to comply with this policy. Illegal acts involving Library resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities. Patrons may be given two verbal warnings of unacceptable computer behavior and will then have their privileges revoked after the third incident. Serious violations will result in immediate loss of computer privileges and removal of patron from the premises. A loss of privileges may be reviewed upon written request to the Library Director.

All computer users must comply with local, state, and federal policies and laws, listed or not, related to use of these computers and use of the Internet. Violations including, copyright infringement, downloading pirated materials, displaying obscene images, accessing resources provoking sexual harassment, and child pornography will not be tolerated. These regulations apply to all computer users on the library premises.

• Computer users will observe generally accepted "community standards" in their selection of websites to access.

• Commercial use of public access computers is prohibited.

• Patrons must have their library card, in good standing, in their possession to use computers.

• All patrons must have complete and clear library accounts including associated accounts (no blocks i.e. overdue charges over $5.00, returned check/credit charges, missing information, etc.).

• All public access computers are filtered. This is in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

• Library workstation time usage is limited to 2 hours.

• Time is allotted per library card.

• Patron may not use another patron's access to the computers. If they do, both the patron using the computer and the patron whose card is being used, will be suspended from using the computer for an appropriate length of time.

• Patrons must be seated when using the computer. They may not lean over another patron who is using the computer.

• The Library staff cannot set up electronic mail accounts. If a patron wishes to use this resource, they are responsible for accessing and creating their account independently.

• A Library staff member will assist patrons with computer use as time permits, but cannot offer detailed training or technical support. Patrons needing training will be advised of the next scheduled workshop.

• The Library will offer free workshops to its patrons for their personal use. The Library Director must approve workshops for business or for profit use. Space rental and service fees will apply.

• It is the patron's responsibility to pay for any pages they print. Current printing rates are 20¢ for black and white, 50¢ for color pages per printed side.

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• Children 8 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while using the Library's computers.

• Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's use of equipment and should monitor their children's selection of viewing material.

• Children must be seated when using the computer. They may not lean over another child who is using the computer.

• Parents/guardians of children under 18 years of age must declare explicit permission for their child to use access the internet.

• In choosing sources to link to, the Library follows generally accepted library practices. Beyond this, we do not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet and do not accept responsibility for its content.

• The Library is not responsible for changes in content of the sources to which we link, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links.

• Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. Users should critically evaluate Internet sources to determine the validity of the information provided.

• Gain unauthorized access to restricted files or networks.

• Obstruct other people's work on the network.

• Access content violating community standards

• Attempt to cause the system performance to be degraded.

• Attempt to alter or damage computer equipment or software.

• Perpetrate any illegal or criminal purpose.

• Operate a business or commercial activity.

• Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements.

• Install or download any software.

• Use unapproved devices to download software or save programs.

• Use of electronic information networks for any purpose that results in the harassment of other users.

• Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized alteration of the Library computer equipment, software, or network security procedures.

• Use of electronic information networks in any way that violates a Federal or State or local law.

• Unauthorized duplication of copy protected software or violation of software license agreements.

• Violation of system security.

• Behaving in a manner that is disruptive to others.

Violations will result in loss of computer use privileges and/or banning from the library premises. Unlawful activities will be referred to appropriate legal authorities.

U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction of distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of "fair use". Users may not copy or distribute electronic materials (including electronic mail, text, images, programs, or data) without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Any responsibility for any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user; the Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from such use.

The Library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems or any consequences thereof.

The Library reserves the right to update and change this policy at any time without notice.

Created 11.17.2011 reviewed/revised: 03.19.2012

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Library Policies

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