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Summer Programs 2016

On your mark, get set... Read! @ The Joe Barnhart Bee County Library Summer 2016 June 1st - July 31st Registration starts May 23rd

Summer Reading Program 2016 Rules

Welcome to the 2016 Summer Reading Program “Get Ready, Get Set, READ!” at the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library.
The program starts on June 1st and ends on July 30th.

To participate, both you and your child must have a library card with clear accounts with no over-dues, no fines, or other blocks. 
This year we are counting the days your child reads for at least thirty minutes to help encourage reading every day. Each child will be given a calendar for the month of June (and another for July later on) to help keep track of the days your child reads. In order for the day to be counted, the child must read (this includes being read to, or listening to audiobooks) for at least 30 minutes. The parent will then initial the day your child read on the calendar.
Raffle Tickets

Every child that reads at least one day out of the week will be given a raffle ticket for the grand drawing at the end of summer.
At the Children’s Desk on the first floor, we will have a Summer Reading Store (Ready, Set, Prize Store!) Each day initialed on the calendar is a point your child can spend on a prize in the store. In order for us to know how many points your child has, be sure to bring your child’s calendar during every library visit! Each prize will cost a different amount of points.
For Example a small prize may cost 1 point, while a medium prize will cost 5 points, and a yet a bigger prize could cost 15 points.
The child will tell the librarian which prize they want to buy and hand in their calendar. The librarian will stamp the day(s) indicating the point(s) for that day has/have been spent, and give your child their prize. The parent/guardian will then take the calendar back home to continue recording the days their child reads. If there is not a librarian present at the Children’s Desk you may ask any of the other library staff members to help you.
*Please try not to lose the calendars! If by chance you end up losing your calendar, or if it gets damaged in some way, we will replace it for you. However you can only initial from the day you received the new calendar onward, so any unused points your child previously received will be lost.
There will be other opportunities for your child to receive points besides reading throughout the summer, so look out for those!
Thank you for taking part in the Summer Reading Program, and as always have fun reading!!!

For more information:
Come by the Library at:
110 W. Corpus Christi St.
Beeville Texas 78102
Or call: (361)-362-4901


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