Computer Classes

We offer many beginner level courses throughout the month to help people become proficient with a computer.

Computer Basics is a course in which we teach some of the most basic parts oand functions of the computer. This is a great place to start.

Word is the most commonly used program to write papers, letters or books. In this course, we teach you how to format a writing project and how to save or print a completed page.

Excel is a spreadsheet program available in Microsoft Office. Spreadsheets can be use to make lists, tally sums, or do math.

PowerPoint is a presentation software used to create digital slide shows. You can use text and pictures in this software to teach or inform a group.

Publisher is the best program for creating flyers, business cards and other graphical printed materials. It allows you to move pictures and text with ease across the page.

GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free open source graphics program that works like Photoshop. Even someone with limited art skill can turn a photo into a masterpiece with this software. This program is useful if you want to cut or correct a photo or make a unique collage of images.

Resumes are one of the most common inquiries. This class explains easy ways to to start and complete a resume.

eBooks/Overdrive is one of the apps available on ALL Smart Phones and most tablets. This app is our digital library that makes ebooks and audiobooks available anywhere you go.

How to Fix Your Computer is a time we have set to explain how to fix the complex bugs or issues that you may be having with a devices or software.

3D Printer Orientation is a requirement to start using the library's 3D printer. Here, you will learn basics about 3D design, slicing, and how our printer works.

Classes for Seniors is a group of classes specifically for senior citizens. These classes include Google, computer repair, computer basics, and apps.

is a good online resource for learning computer skills. It does require you have an email to sign up.

If you are new to computers and want to learn to start typing like a pro, here is a good site that is free to get started.(link)