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Family Place FAQs

What is a Family Place Library?

A Family Place Library transforms public libraries into welcoming environments for very young children, their parents, and caregivers. It supports the essential role of parents as first teachers and addresses aspects of child development to help build a foundation for learning during the critical first years of life. By partnering and working with other local community services providers, the Family Place model aims to ensure that all children enter school ready and able to learn.

What does a Family Place Library Offer?

A Family Place library offers:
  • -A specially designed welcoming space for families with very young children to relax, play and share books together.
  • -A five-week Parent/Child Workshop program series for toddlers, parents and caregivers. This program provides an environment rich with toys, books, and art activities. It’s also an opportunity for families to spend time together, make friends, and talk one-on-one with early childhood and family support specialists.
  • -Collections of books, toys, music and multimedia materials for babies, toddlers, parents and service providers.
  • -Services developed in partnership with community organizations including outreach to new moms, immigrant, and low income families.
  • -Librarians specially trained in child development and family support.

Who can benefit from Family Place Libraries?

Children, parents and other adults caring for very young children benefit from specially trained staff, spaces, and programs designed to meet the needs of very young children and their caregivers. Community agencies, educators, and family services providers benefit from having a strong community partner able to reinforce or enhance their missions, share resources and develop cooperative services.

How are community agnecies involved?

We partner and work with local service providers and early childhood educators to boost the community environment for families with very young children and to reach new and/or underserved audiences. When conducting the Parent/Child Workshop, community agencies provide resource professionals as part of the program. In our Family Place Library, we will actively develop and promote collaborative services.

How can I learn more?

Visit or contact the Joe Barnhart Bee County Library.


Storytime-Join us every Wednesday and Friday at 10am for fun stories, singing, and a craft!
Summer Reading Program-Every summer, we host a reading program for ages 0-17 with great prizes rewarded for reading.
Family Movie Night-Once a month, we show a family friendly movie based on a book. Refreshments provided!
1000 Books Before Kinder-Birth to 5 years-This ongoing reading club promotes child and parent bonding through reading.
Parenting Workshops-Various programs are offered during the year for usual, day-to-day challenges and specific topics of interest to parents.
Kid’s Kits-A circulating collection of recreational and educational toys, books, and more for infants through age six.
The Parent’s Collection-Covers every aspect of child rearing and parenting. Resources include books, DVDs, magazines, and online resources.